About Ochre Sun

Our Purpose Is To Harness Plant Potential As It Was Intended And Create Access To The Rituals, Potency And Authenticity Of Bush Medicine As A Gift To The World.

There Is Rhythm In Country – Ancient Rhythm And Remedy.

Everything We Need, We Already Have.

Indigenous Australian Owned & Operated

Empowering Indigenous Communities

Our Botanicals

Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana)

Gukwonderuk (Centipeda cunninghammi)

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Australian Grown, Australian Manufactured

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Our Commitment

At Ochre Sun, we breathe life, purpose and potential back into remote communities.  We are committed to revitalising and celebrating traditions and the significance of pre-ordained practices focusing on Holistic well-being. 

Our vertically integrated Indigenous ingredient supply chain, proprietary botanical extracts, unique ingredient processing method and a solid connection to Indigenous Culture are the elements in Ochre Sun that will lead the Industry. It is beyond that of a B Corp.  It’s a whole new way of doing Business. 

We offer transparent and authentic high-performance sun protection infused with sustainably and ethically sourced Indigenous botanical skincare remedies. We are proud of our formulation and the impact that we have in the community as a result of our supply chain support. 

Our mission is to increase awareness of the power of supply chain transparency and the Australian Aboriginal culture through the sharing of ancient knowledge and access to the purity of Ingredients that we pre-designed for us. We value the knowledge ingrained in our culture and its unique potential to provide effective solutions to the harsh Australian climate. 

Our Founder
Alana Kennedy

Five years ago, Our Founder, Alana Kennedy, had a vision of what could be possible to enhance authenticity and transparency in the International Skincare Market.  Alana’s vision was to amplify circular healing and circular economy.  The significance of the vision goes beyond skincare.  It has providence and deep meaning in Aboriginal Culture, as Alana shares ancient rhythms and preordained practices of her Family’s culture. Alana is a descendant of the Waanyi Kalkadoon and Eastern Arrernte tribes from North West Queensland. 

Following a successful 12-year Career in beauty Sales and marketing, Alana understands all too well the effects of the harsh Australian sun. So, after working in the cosmetics industry, Alana was inspired to create her vertically integrated skincare model.

“When I was very little, my Mum used to sell beauty products and taught me from a young age about skincare,” Alana said. “I became obsessed with ingredients.

“In my previous job, I was selling beautiful products but felt a responsibility to directly link arms with remote community members  to empower their economic position, amplify their voice and showcase the richness of plant potential and its power as it was intended and create real and measurable impact.”

Our Give Back

Watharra is a new not-for-profit venture that aims to be a place for Women to reconnect with their country, elders and ancient rhythm in a place of respite after facing adversity of some kind in their lives. Our model focuses on Social Housing support, Employment opportunities and Indigenous Extreprenaisanse to support the healing and reintegration of families into the community. We are providing a platform for women to step into the circle of acceptance and powerfully share their story as it is.  Our hope is to encourage other women to come together in a spirit of unity and share in the healing power of purpose under grace.

“We are working on a circular program to build sustainable housing for women escaping domestic violence and other crises in the process, allowing them to gain soft skills and  meaningful employment through the vehicle of Ochre Sun.” – Alana Kennedy

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