About Ochre Sun

Our Purpose Is To Harness Plant Potential As It Was Intended And Create Access To The Rituals, Potency And Authenticity Of Bush Medicine As A Gift To The World.

There Is Rhythm In Country – Ancient Rhythm And Remedy.

Everything We Need, We Already Have.

Indigenous Australian Owned & Operated

Empowering Indigenous Communities

Our Botanicals

Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana)

Gukwonderuk (Centipeda cunninghammi)

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Australian Grown, Australian Manufactured

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Our Commitment

At Ochre Sun, we breathe life, purpose and potential back into remote communities.  We are committed to revitalising and celebrating traditions and the significance of pre-ordained practices focusing on Holistic well-being. 

Our vertically integrated Indigenous ingredient supply chain, proprietary botanical extracts, unique ingredient processing method and a solid connection to Indigenous Culture are the elements in Ochre Sun that will lead the Industry. It is beyond that of a B Corp.  It’s a whole new way of doing Business. 

We offer transparent and authentic high-performance sun protection infused with sustainably and ethically sourced Indigenous botanical skincare remedies. We are proud of our formulation and the impact that we have in the community as a result of our supply chain support. 

Our mission is to increase awareness of the power of supply chain transparency and the Australian Aboriginal culture through the sharing of ancient knowledge and access to the purity of Ingredients that we pre-designed for us. We value the knowledge ingrained in our culture and its unique potential to provide effective solutions to the harsh Australian climate. 

Our Founder
Alana Kennedy

Alana Kennedy is the driving force behind Ochre Sun Group and its range of sunscreen. In 2019 Alana launched Ochre Sun 50+ SPF sunscreen using native Indigenous botanicals and by doing so, laid the foundations of a business that would create tangible and lasting impact for First Nations people and communities.

Fast forward to today, Alana is leading a mission to take Ochre Sun to the world and by doing so, bring more benefit to rural and regional Australian communities who are integral to the supply chain of Ochre Sun sunscreen.

Alana is a descendant of the Waanyi Kalkadoon and Eastern Arrernte tribes from North West Queensland – near Mount Isa. It’s from here, she draws her inspiration to share ancient practices from her family’s culture into today’s skincare routines. She’s deeply passionate about
the power and richness of plants, ancient rituals, rhythms and remedies.

Her infectious energy and passion for drawing on millennia-old traditions to today’s world sees her represent Australia on the world stage of Indigenous trade. Alana is the Australian Ambassador at the International Inter-Tribal Trade and Investment Organisation (IITIO) – who were founded in 2014 at the College of Law, University of Oklahoma, to harness the potential of the inherent Indigenous economic right of Inter-tribal trade.

Before founding Ochre Sun, Alana’s career has seen her mentor and advocate for Indigenous business through a range of roles. She also spent 10 years working in the beauty and skincare industry but says it was her mum’s career in the sector that inspired her from a very early age. She hopes to inspire her own daughters through the work she is doing to grow Ochre Sun and in turn, bring more opportunities to others.

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