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The Ochre Sun sunscreens are developed for Australian tradies, to combat Australia’s harsh conditions.

Broad spectrum sunscreen infused with healing botanicals

Ochre Sun high protection SPF50+ formula is laden with Indigenous botanicals that heal and nurture your skin while protecting you. 

OCHRE SUN SPF 50+ Sunscreen 250ml Trigger Spray

SPF50+ sunscreen is a light, non-greasy, fragrance free formula that is easy to apply and leaves no white residue.

Our unique trigger spray means the sunscreen can be applied without removing gloves, making it ideal for outdoor workers and those who wear protective clothing.

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OCHRE SUN SPF 50+ Sunscreen 500ml Pump

Ochre Sun SPF 50+ sunscreen is formulated with the highest level of SPF50+ sun protection available.

Our non-greasy, ultra light, and water resistant formula will keep you protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays while providing a lightweight feel on your skin.

This 500mL Pump will keep all outdoor enthusiasts protected, including surfers, divers, snorkelers, kayakers and swimmers.

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We protect those building everything from sand castles to stadiums

Our Unique Formulation

Our multi-tasking sunscreen was developed for Australian sun lovers, to combat Australia’s harsh conditions. We’ve created a beach and poolside-friendly formula that’s lightweight, rubs in clear and is 4-hours water resistant.

Ochre Sun is free from nasties like PABAs and nanoparticles, giving you confidence to apply it every day to protect both your own skin and that of your loved ones.

Not only does our broad spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen meet the highest standards of sun protection, we infuse our formula with healing botanical ingredients to nourish your skin as it protects you.

All of our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced from local communities. Our sunscreen is 100% Australian-made, marine friendly and cruelty-free.

SPF50+ Broad Spectrum

4-hours water Resistant



Contains Healing Botanicals


Nano particle-free


Sourced Sustainably

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